Monday, 16 November 2020

More recent models.

My painting speed has shot up (along with the quality), so turnaround for smaller orders 
is very quick.  Most orders of only a few models are ready within a month and sometimes a lot sooner!

OK, that doesn't include the Indomitus set Dark Angels...

I really enjoy breathing life into old school models.  These plastic Fimir from the 80's game Heroquest cost around £40 for the painting.

I have loved working on this Nurgle Deathguard Kill Team.  Terrific models to paint!!


This Splinted Fang Warcry warband got shown on the 
Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup.

To get a warband like this painted costs clients only about £120 for the same amount of figures!!
Fire me a message to get yours painted.

A couple of Lord of the Rings models done in the last few weeks.

I am very pleased with these Sarumans.  Perfecting using Citadel Contrast paints with light acrylics mixed in.


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Time Flies!!

OK, that was a long time between posts!

More Raven Guard Marines, Lord of the Rings minis, Grey Knights, a couple of weird Dark Eldar Titans that I scratch built and of course, more Knuckleduster Gunslinger's Ball models.
All are commissions.  Work has been excellent and busy for the last couple of months.
Email me to join the ride!!

Oh and 'Adam Smith Noice Minis' page on Facebook needs more followers...


Friday, 10 July 2020

I am still getting a steady stream of Knuckleduster Gunslinger's Ball minis to paint.  The lastest are the Magnificent Seven and some Native Americans.

 My favourite of these guys is Charles Bronson, the model really captures his look.  

Super busy with painting over the last month.  Check out 'Adam Smith Noice Minis' my page on Facebook to see many more posts of what I've been getting up to.  Plus I need more followers and page likes, so help me out!

 Arch Imperial Nutter Uriah Jacobus.
 Another Bonkers Imperial model, that I accidentally devoted to Chaos (see banner).
 I made this scenic base using parts from a cork placemat and an old DVD.  Painting the Fellowship of the Ring to go on it was an afterthought, but it sold on Etsy and will now be living in the States.

Couldn't resist painting this little classic Blood Bowl Ref.  

Monday, 1 June 2020

Had fun perfecting NMM style on this Faramir mini.
Seemed to go OK.