Saturday 5 March 2022

       YEAR OF INSANITY!!!!!

I know I rarely post on my Blogspot.  No-one looks at them anyway.

But it has been a year, more or less, since I last added any pics.  I went through my phone and splatted the majority, but by no means all, of the models I've painted in the last year.  It's well over 2000!!

I tried to sort them in to categories, but it was taking too long.  Just a jumble of photos. 

Read on to share my last year of mini painting...


No done many Kingdom Death minis.  This Dungball allowed me to try some weird lighting.

My own Harry Potter minis.  These I did in one day.
Done lots of excellent old and new models for Carlos.  Thanks dude!

My own Death Guard.  Really need to add to this army...

Middle Earth models done for the most excellent Sylvain in France.  He and his friend Gaetan have kept me very busy!!

These fun Furies got onto Warhammer TV Hobby Roundup!  Woohoo!

RPG models always present a nice change.  This dead troll is from Mantic Games.

So many Raven Guard this year!!   Thanks so much to Mark for trusting me with his massive 40k and 30k armies!!

I have done hundreds of epic models in 2021 for the most awesome Ronnie and Ricky in Denmark.  

There has been a lot of demand for 30k Horus Heresy models to be painted.  These were commissioned by Paul L.  Glorious Alpha Legion.  What a colour scheme!!
Fellblade.  Monstrous to assemble, but what a tank!   

It still only counts as one!!!   Thanks to Paul A. for sending this any many, many other colossal minis!  Knight Acastus Porphyrion.

A thousand blessings on Steve!  All the Warcry models on here are commissioned by him!

My own copy of Cursed City painted using oil paints.  I love this game and play it regularly!

Alpha Legion Lernaean Terminators.  Astonishing minis!

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I've done a fair few Star Wars Legion minis for the excellent Rob!  These Rebel VW Campers sure do rock!

I have been lucky to have been able to paint some old timey Warhammer Fantasy minis for my redoubtable friend Joe.  We have played a whole lotta 6th edition Warhammer in the last year.

Primarchs are a special treat to paint.  Corax certainly qualifies!

More Mantic RPG minis from Dungeon Saga.

Two of my own Titans.  Deathsickle and Bethud!
Really enjoyed doing the EmpyChamp for Ryan!  Dude has great taste in minis!!

Painted this diddy Raldaron for my good friend Chris from Edge of Empire podcast.

Blood Angels are my favourite chapter.  These are for Paul A, but I occasionally paint some for me too!

This was the bane of my life.  The single most difficult mini to assemble of all time!!

Derek's Mighty Vikings!
Thanks to Ryan for letting me paint this Sisters Kill Team in oil paints.   Saves money and makes me happy!!

These Blood Bowl characters were done for my bud Steve.  He then beat me in a game.

Been doing a lot more models in oil paints.  Very good painting therapy and helps to clear my brain during relentless commissions.  Bosk here was a present from the tremendous Ryan!  Painted in about 45 minutes I can't wait to get a load more Legion models done all in oils!
My oil painted Ossiarch Bonereapers army.  A wonderful side project, plus AOS is a great fun game to play!!

This was a commission for Ricky, who allowed me to paint his Malifaux minis in oil paints.  Thanks Ricky!  Doing work in oils is much quicker and more fun, so is around 30% cheaper to get a commission done painted this way.

My new AOS army.  Soulblight Gravelords.

Look....   A logo!!

Over 300 epic Ork minis.  When it's complete we reckon Ronnie might have one of the biggest Epic Ork Waaaghs in the world.  This is less than half the size it will ultimately be!

A very small part of Paul A's Necron army.

This wonderful little Gui Le Gros was sent by Derek, who always sends the very best variety of minis for me to paint for him.  What a star!!!

If you managed to get this far, Well Done!!!!
Thank you for appreciating my work!
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